Artist -  CD Title - Year - Producer/ Engineer 

Bob Lambert Win, Lose or Draw 1992 P

Sons of Maxwell Bold Frontier 1993 P

(SOM)  Live at Tim’s House 1995 P/E

(SOM)  The Neighborhood 1997 P

(SOM)  Among the Living 2002 P

Lez Lee Just Around The Bend 1996 P

Shane Moore Hey Stickboy 1997 P/E

Jackie Chandler Through Jackie’s Window 1998 P/E

Poor Boys Deja Blues 1999 P/E

Gary Greene Messerin’ Around 2000 P/E

Fiddlin’ Jimmy Hamm Fiddlin Jim & Friends 2000 P/E

CrashTest Dummies I Don’t Care that You don’t Mind 2001 co P/E 

Rose Brown Childhood Memories 2001 P/E

Clare Redding Choir Just Us 2001 P/E

Paul Saulnier Noel Around the world 2001 P/E

Lynne Crowell Country Request 2001 P/E

Shepherds Joy Jesus Saves 2001 E

Yvette Dentremont Yvette Dentremont 2002 P/E

Blue Sundays Innocence 2003 P/E

Never Brand New Face 2003 co-P/E

Christine Crawford Rowing In Eden 2003 P/E

Windjammers Windjammers 2003 P/E

Jesse Beck Back from Nowhere 2004 P/E

Songcrafters Songcrafters 2004 P/E

Robbie Smith Retro-Debut 2004 P/E

Hard to Handle Through Thick n Thin 2004 P/E

Gina Symonds Out There 2005 P/E

Judi Cleveland By the River Broad 2005 P/E

Julian Babin Midnight Carousel 2006 P/E

Faded Blue Blue Mountain Gate 2006 P/E

Emma Lee The Reason 2006 P/E

Bigcheese.ca Plutonium Love 2007 P/E

Yvette Dentremont Mes deux souliers 2007 P/E

Fortune Fortune 2007 P/E

Christine Crawford Peacetalks 2008 P/E

Rick Henneberry Double Vision 2008 P/E

Drumlin Mackerel Skies 2008 P/E

George Crowell Country Memories 2008 P/E

Ryan Neilson Four Walls 2008 P/E

Faded Blue Faded Blue 2008 P/E

Kelly Blair Life Goes On 2009 co-P/E

Julian Babin Julian Babin 2009 P/E

Kat La Key In The City 2010 P/E

Molly Thomason Through the Static 2010 P/E

Paul Randy Mingo  I Ain’t all Crazy 2010 P/E

Julian Babin In My Mind 2010 P/E

Drumlin Paper Flowers 2011 P/E

Natalie Lynn Secret Garden 2011 P/E

Alex Buchanan Alex 2011  P/E

Alexa D'entremont Alexa! 2012 P/E

Hawp Hawp 2012 E

Transatlantic Zodiak Ensemble TZE 2012 co-P/E

Rockabillys The Rockabillys 2012 P/E

Wendy Owens The Storm 2013 P/E

Yvette D’entremont La voix de la mer 2013 P/E

Judi Cleveland Broad Illusions 2013 P/E

The Great Polski Julian Summers 2013 P/E

Julian Babin Burning Through The Night 2013 P/E

Larry MacAdam Ozark Mountain Peace 2013 P/E

Kat and Tim Trax Baby! 2014 P/E

Lindsay Johnstone Fire and Steel 2014 P/E

Paul Randy Mingo Crank it Up 2014 P/E

Francis Arsenault From The Heart 2014 P/E

Jamie John Jamie John 2014 P/E

The Lookoff  Incidents & Accidents 2015 P/E