Feswick Studios 
Mentorship Program


To provide intensive studio training during a 24 week mentorship program. 


To provide hands-on training for necessary skills needed in order to secure employment in the field of professional studio engineering, music production and related agendas.

Student will receive 192 hours of studio mentoring with Tim Feswick.

The training will include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

-Essential studio production techniques for recording talent of various genres, including hip-hop, country, rock, jazz, voice-over etc.

-Theory of sound propagation properties, and related fields. 

-Intensive ear training drills utilizing the award winning “Golden Ears” system.

- Microphone selection and placement, session set-up and studio preparation, pre-amp selection, digital recording (Protools platform) – mixing; utilizing various plug-ins and outboard gear such as limiters, companders, multiband compressors, equalizers, delays, etc (effects processing) 

-Hands on instruction in all aspects of music production and engineering including producer/engineer –client dialogue, studio etiquette and protocol, song arranging, tracking, overdubs, mixing, and final mastering.

-Written tests to determine technical comprehension and retention (based on Modern Recording Techniques-Sixth Edition by David Miles Huber & Robert E. Runstein)

Student should be studio-ready upon completion of program and thus qualified to set-up his own recording studio, or work as a competent producer/engineer at major and/or project studios. 

The hours of this mentorship program per week are as follows:

Number of hours per mentorship session (per week):  8

Number of total sessions (weeks):   24

Total hrs: 192

Contact Tim For complete curriculum and fees.