Studio Info

The recording area is air conditioned, properly tuned and dampened with a carefully blended combination of hardwood flooring, wall mounted sound absorbers and Helmholtz resonators.

The area is 255 sq. ft. which allows for a full-size band complete with drums, without compromising the intimacy needed for great feeling tracks.

There is also an iso-booth for vocals or acoustic guitar tracks. This permits real-time tracking so the band can groove together while capturing the emotion of the moment.

A separate, sound-isolated, control room is the heart of the studio. It’s an ideal place to discuss the direction a song is taking, or to try new ideas as the creative juices flow!



Soundcraft Spirit - Studio LC

Recording Modules & Platform:

Digidesign Protools 11.3.3

Mac 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5

UAD Apollo 8 Quad Core Interface 


Neumann; Rode; AKG; AudioTechnica; Shure; Sennheiser; Oktava

Mic Preamps:

Avalon; Focusrite; Neve 

AD/DA Converters: 


Dynamic & Effects Processing:

SSL; Waves; UAD; Digidesign; Antares; Yamaha; DBX; Alesis


Genelec; Adam; OZ Audio




In-house Instruments:

Fender; Squire ( signed by Pink Floyd ) ; Roland; Yamaha; E-mu; Washburn; Takamine

Crosby, Presonus

for a complete list of available instruments and equipment contact Tim.